BLS (Latex Emulsion Pump Horizontal Type)

Design Concept
BLS-Design Concept
Parts List
Item Designation Stainless Steel
1 Casing SCS13 SCS14
2 Suction Cover SCS13 SCS14
5 Bracket FC200 FC200
10 Bearing Cover FC200 FC200
10A Bearing Cover FC200 FC200
18 Seal Case SCS13 SCS14
23 Impeller SCS13 SCS14
58 Lantern Ring SUS304 SUS316
60 Gland Cover SUS304 SUS316
90 Shaft SUS304 SUS316
95 Bearing Nut S45C S45C
97 Key (Coupling Side) S45C S45C
97A Key (Impeller Side) SUS304 SUS316
107 Shaft Sleeve SUS304 SUS316
122 Deflector IIR IIR
130 Ball Bearing SUJ SUJ
131 Ball Bearing SUJ SUJ
147 Gland Packing
Wide choice of materials available.
152 Mechanical Seal
153 Oil Seal NBR NBR
153A Oil Seal NBR NBR
163 Oil Gauge YBsC+Glass YBsC+Glass
164 O-Ring
Wide choice of materials available.
164E O-Ring
167 Oil Cap Acryl Acryl
208 Bearing Collar S45C S45C
210 Bushing PTFE PTFE
502 Gasket
Wide choice of materials available.
502B Gasket Three Sheet Three Sheet
502C Gasket Three Sheet Three Sheet
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