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Message from President

To our customers, partners and employees,
I am proud to highlight that thanks to your confidence and cooperation, we have built a successful, world class, HONDA KIKO Corporation.

Since its inception in 1949, Honda Pumps became a leading pump manufacturer and a global provider of innovative engineered centrifugal pump solutions.

We offer our wide portfolio to business partners in a wide range of Industries, and we have successfully supplied thousands of high efficient and reliable specialty pumps all over the world. We do more for our clients than ever in our history. The credibility of the HONDA PUMPS brand is growing. Financial performance trends are positive. Our technical capabilities are expanding.

Our strategy is based on two fundamentals: our technology and our customers.
Our main competitive resource is our technology and long tradition know-how in providing pumping solutions. We focus on maintaining the uniqueness and technological advantage of our products.
Our main asset is our customer. Our commitment to exceed customer expectations is our main drive.

We continuously base our internal development programs to further improve the quality, reliability and efficient manufacturability.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our valuable customers, our business partners and representatives for their continued support and confidence as well as our employees for their continued excellent contributions. We are really proud and lucky to have them.

In an intensely competitive industry and amid challenging market and economic conditions, we are steadily moving forward in the right direction: Think Globally, Operate Globally. And we believe we have many more good years ahead of us.
Ryuzoji kensuke, President & CEO