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HCS/HC(Horizontal Volute Pump)
Design Concept
Performance Charts 50Hz
Performance Charts 60Hz
Dimensional Drawing
Best in Class
FGD and Power Generation
Chemical Process
Pulp and Paper
General Industry
Food, Metals and Automotive
Water and Wastewater

(Horizontal Volute Pump)

HCS/HC(Horizontal Volute Pump)
Small, rigid type with a proven reliability and durability. Casting, materials and manufacturing strictly controlled and certified according to international standards ANSI, ISO.
Full interchangeability of parts.
High efficiency over a wide operating range with excellent suction performance.
Many years of proven performance and experience with a wide and diverse range of applications.
Horizontal Vertical Wetted parts material Shaft Seal Impeller
FC S13 S14 Special GP Me Closed Open
Multi-Stage High-Head High-Temperature Slurry Support
- - Bracket
Water treatment Industry.

Water treatment units, water purifying applications, wastewater drainage.

Chemical Industry.
Petrochemical, Soda, chemical fertilizer, pulp and paper.
Environment Industry.
Industrial waste water.
Dye and Bleaching Industry.
Dye work process, Dye synthetic factories and bleaching liquid treating process.
Oil, Fat and Fuel Industries.
Oil refining, soap, paint producing factories and fuel oil transfer.
Textile Industry.
Spinning and chemical fiber factories.
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry.
Drug, Cosmetics Manufacturing, medical facilities.
Food and Beverage Industry.
Brewage, milk, fruit juice, vinegar and Japanese sake production, salt, sugar and beet sugar industry.
Metal Industry.
Plate, steel plate, wire and coating industries.
Agriculture and Fisheries.
Sprinkling of agricultural chemicals, fish farming and sea water handling.
Design data
1. Stainless Steel SCS13/SCS14/SCS16
2. Cast Iron FC200
Ductile Iron FCD450 (For HC Series Pumps)
3. Other specific materials:
SCS23, Nickel Alloy, Hastelloy, Duplex Stainless Steel, Titanium, Worthite
Stainless cast iron SCS13 and SCS14 are available as the standard type
Max. Pressure
1. Stainless steel: 1MPa
2. Cast Iron: 0.7MPa
-5ºC∼120ºC in case of Cast & Ductile Iron
Shaft Seal
1. Gland packing.
Self and external flushing type.
2. Mechanical seal.
a. Single mechanical seal.
Include balanced and unbalanced types.
Inside and outside types.
b. Double Mechanical Seal.
c. Single Mechanical Seal and Gland packing (Oil Seal) Combination.
d. Additional Special Mechanical Seal may be installed on request.
When pumping temperature exceeds 80ºC, cooler shall be provided.
3. The shaft seal dimensions are structured to serve as gland packing and mechanical seal.
Ball bearing (Oil bath system)
Water jacketed bearing housing is available when temperature exceeds 120ºC.
Additional Features
Steam jackets are available for both sides of casing to prevent pumping liquid from solidifying.
Possibility to change and adapt the directions of exhaust pipes upon request.
Impeller's Structure.
a. 219∼1526 pump series are equipped with a semi-open impeller as standard.
b. Pump series 1534, 1540, 2026 and 2034 are equipped with a closed impeller as standard.
Semi-open impeller may be installed on request.
Base···1 , Coupling···1set , Guard···1 , Anchor bolts/nuts···1set
Design Concept
Performance Charts 50Hz
Performance Charts 60Hz
Dimensional Drawing
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